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The Osprey Renn has your Back

Osprey Renn 50 Backpack - Women's Gear Review

The Osprey Renn 50 is a comfortable multi-day backpack with adjustable features designed specifically for women. It accompanied me on my Havasupai Trail trip and did not fail to meet expectations (check out my Havasupai Trail blog)!

Lightweight but durable, this pack weighs just over 3 lbs and holds up to 35 lbs. This pack offers ventilation through its suspended mesh back panel, has a variety of pockets to stay organized, and can be purchased at an affordable price. So, whether you’re looking for a backpack for an overnight trip or a weekend getaway, with the Renn 50 on your back you will be ready to accomplish your next hiking adventure!

Osprey is an award-winning backpack company with a vast selection of packs that will match up with any outdoor adventure. From the simple yet sturdy Daylight Pack to the most capacious Xena 85, Osprey’s packs come in all different sizes and capacities. Most important, Osprey takes pride in delivering comfortability through its products to its hikers. 

Osprey Renn 50 Pack Key Specs:

Gender- Women

Frame Type- Internal Frame

Gear Capacity (L)- 50 Liters (3,051 cubic in.)

Max Recommended Load- 35 lbs.

Weight- 3.31 lbs.

Adjustable Torso Length- Yes

Fits Torso Length- 14-19 inches (one size)

Fits Waist/Hips- 25-50 inches

Frame Material- LightWire alloy

Hydration Pocket- Yes

Suspended Mesh Back Panel/Ventilated- Yes

Main Compartment Access- Top/Bottom

Number of Exterior Pockets- 5 + main compartment + 2 external mesh water bottle pockets

Sleeping Bag Compartment- Yes

Rain Cover Included- Yes

Dimensions- 26.4 H x 14.6 W x 13.2 D in.

Backpacking Trip Time- Overnight to 4 days

Price- $155


· YOUR Priorities: Start by determining what kind of backpack will meet your fundamental needs while you are on the trail. How many days/nights will you be trekking? Is a spacious main compartment a high priority? What kind of volume should the pack hold? How many pounds are you expecting to fit? Will you be hiking in a wet or dry climate? 

· Loaded Backpack Weight: Next, keep in mind a lenient rule of thumb: a loaded backpack shouldn’t exceed 20% of your body weight. For example, if the hiker weighs 150 lbs., their packed backpack should weigh a maximum of 30 lbs. 

· Liter Size: When considering the liter size, a backpack anywhere between 50 to 70 liters of volume would typically handle multi-day trips well. Daypacks range from 20 to 35 liters of volume. 

· Get Fitted: When purchasing a backcountry backpack, a great first step is to get fitted. Head to your nearest outdoor outlet (REI, Bass Pro Shop, Outdoor World, etc.) to try on a pack. Adjust the straps to fit your shoulders and hips. Ensure you feel comfortable with the fit. Add some weight to the pack to feel the whole effect. There is nothing more miserable, than hiking while being uncomfortable or in pain. So, make sure the pack you choose fits you well!


· Comfort: Considering the weight and supplies this pack can carry, it offers immense comfort. With the adjustment of the waist and shoulder straps, and with the pack weight resting on your hips (ensure you are not carrying all your weight in your shoulders), this pack makes it easy to hike the trail. For example, hiking six hours with this pack for three days was manageable. 

· Lightweight but durable: A lightweight and durable pack is a hard combination to find. This backpack is lightweight, weighing 3.31 lbs. but remains sturdy with the 600-denier polyester and 1000-denier nylon pack cloth. Nylon is designed to prevent tears and rips and is excellent waterproofing material. The polyester material supports the durable trait and keeps the pack water-resistant. The polyester also helps the pack keep its shape after washing.

· Ventilation/Suspended Mesh Back Panel: One of the greatest features of the pack is the suspended mesh back panel and the breathable features it brings to the pack! Having this back panel on a backpack allows airflow between the area of the pack and your back. This feature will also help to dry the perspiration the hiker accumulates during their hike. The suspended mesh back panel is a game-changer on day packs as well.  


· Organization and Pockets: With the six zippered pockets (two side pockets, two hip belt pockets, two mesh water bottle pockets, a lid pocket, a pocket on the lower back, and the main compartment), this backpack makes it easy to stay organized while you are on the trail. There is also an extremely small pocket located on the bottom of the pack for the rain cover. 

· Main Compartment: The main compartment has top and bottom access and closes with a drawstring that makes it easy to close tight and open wide. 

· Lid Pocket: There is a hidden zippered pocket on the lid of the pack. This pocket is great to store essentials such as phones, keys, cash, or a wallet.                       

· Lower Back Pocket: In addition, there is a zippered pocket located on the lower back on the pack. It does not connect to the main compartment, so is great for those items you want to keep separate from the main compartment jumble. 

· Side Pockets: There are two spacious zippered side pockets– one on each side of the pack.

· Water Bottle Pockets: There is one mesh water bottle pocket on each side of the pack. This feature makes it easy to grab that extra drink of water while you are trekking. 

· Hip Belt Pockets: The two spacious zippered hip belt pockets along the waist straps are a great feature to keep your essentials during a hike such as sunscreen, Chapstick, phone, GPS, sunglasses, and snacks. 

· Padded Shoulder Straps: Shoulder straps are most susceptible to tears, so having the extra padding on your shoulders adds an extra layer of hefty material. In addition, these shoulder straps help to reduce the strain on your back. 

· Rain Cover: All hikers hope for the sunshine and blue-sky days during their treks, but we thank ourselves when we are prepared for the storms. A rain cover comes with the pack for those just in case moments. There is an extremely small rain cover pocket located on the bottom of the pack. 

· Hydration Reservoir Pocket: In between the suspended back panel and the main compartment, there is a pocket for your hydration bladder. There is also a small strap on the backpack strap to secure the spout of the bladder. 

· Sleep Bag Compartment: There is a divider toward the bottom of the main compartment that makes for an excellent sleeping bag compartment. Keeping your sleeping bag inside your pack prevents the risk of it getting wet from weather or ripping/snagging on anything as you are trekking. 

· External Attachment Straps: There are straps located on the outside of the pack toward the bottom. Hikers can use these straps to carry items such as a sleeping bag, a tent, or any item that is too bulky to fit inside the pack. 


· Adjustable Fit: A great feature about this pack is the adjustable fit that forms specifically to the hiker’s body. The adjustable torso length is 14-19 inches and is designed to lower or raise the shoulder pads. And the fit for the waist and hip adjusts 25-50 inches. Like mentioned before, the main backpack compartment can be adjusted to fit the supplies in the pack– tightening or expanding. 

· One Size Fits All: This women’s pack comes in one size. As mentioned, with the adjustable range of the frame and straps, this pack allows you to form it to your preference and comfort. Dimensions of the pack are 26.4 x 14.6 x 13.2 inches.

· Lightwire Alloy Frame: With a lightwire alloy frame, this pack is able to absorb shock better than stiff packs while it’s inaction– making it securer on the hiker’s back.


· No Trekking Pole Loops: This may not be a deal breaker for all hikers, but there are no attachment loops for trekking poles. These loops come in handy on steep terrain or when you need your hands free. I don’t use trekking poles, so this didn’t bother me.


Osprey Renn 65 – Women’s 

· If you love all the features the Renn 50 offers, but are looking for just something a touch bigger, the Osprey Renn 65 is your go-to. Weighing 3.44 lbs., this durable pack can carry up to 40 lbs. The liter capacity is the biggest difference when comparing the two, with the Renn 65 able to carry up to 65 liters. This pack is priced at $165. 

Osprey Aura AG 65 – Women’s

· If you are looking for a pack a bit larger than the Renn 50, the Aura AG 65 is another great backpack for moderate backpacking trips. It offers three different sizes for women to choose from, ranging from 4.26 lbs. to 4.42 lbs. The Aura AG 65 provides immense comfort with the lightweight mesh back panel, anti-gravity suspension, and the ventilated frame. This pack is priced at $270.

Osprey Tempest 30 

· If the Renn 50 and Aura AG 65 seem a bit too big for your liking or you’re looking for something even lighter, introducing Osprey Tempest 30, a simple but ventilated backpack great for day hikes or lightweight overnight trips. This pack comes in two sizes: a small weighs 1.78 lbs., and a medium weighs 1.89 lbs. This pack is priced at $140. 

Osprey Rook 50 – Men’s 

· If you are a male hiker and looking to match up to a pack that is similar to the Renn 50, the men’s backpack with equivalent features is the Osprey Rook 50.  The Rook 50 can carry 25-35 lbs. comfortably and weighs 3.49 lbs. The pack also can be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of torso lengths and comes with a rain cover (always a bonus!) This pack remains affordable at $155. 


An additional benefit with purchasing from Osprey is they remain loyal to the bluesign® Restricted Substances List (RSL), which eliminates harmful chemicals during the manufacturing and in the final products. This guarantees a minimum chemical impact on the environment and especially on people. 

Check Her Out!

Whether you are backpacking into the wilderness for an overnight or the weekend, the Osprey Renn Pack 50 is a resilient outdoor backpack fit to last you securely through your journey. It’s a great fit for first-time backpackers or those newer to backpacking. It’s adjustable range and durable capability features will make your journey easy and smooth, so you can focus on enjoying the views! So, wherever your adventures take you, Osprey has your back!

Can’t wait for my next backpacking trip with my Osprey. 💪🏼

Happy Hiking, friends! 🥾

Cheers, 🥂


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