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Sun did not come out today, 

He is laid up on the sofa blue.

He is envious of his pal and friend,

He is jealous of Moon. 


Moon brings light into the dark  

And brings beauty to an opaque time. 

The loyalty of the stars and planets keep her calmed

And she comforts the world through bedtime. 


Moon stayed out of the sky this night, 

She is hiding and ashamed.

She is spiteful of what Sun offers and she does not, 

She is not a star or flamed. 


Sun lights up the day for the world, 

And brings warmth with his rays.  

Sun gets to decorate the sky and the clouds,

He does not have the galaxy to stargaze.


Comparison is an act of violence against us, 

So why do we torment our being?

Moons wants to be the Sun and vice versa

Loving ourselves as us, is so freeing. 

-sun and moon

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